Existing Building Evaluations

ME&E Engineering performs detailed studies of existing buildings and provides valuable reports of our findings. We analyze all MEP building systems, including energy efficiency, code compliance, fire protection, HVAC system performance, life safety, occupant health, American with Disabilities Act compliance, equipment life cycle, and more. Our team of experts provides detailed, clearly written reports, which include: a narrative of recommendations, cost estimates, and life cycle cost analyses for contemplated improvements. We also provide a detailed and precise matrix to help the client make tough financial decisions before entering the repair or replacement phase.

Plumbing Engineering

ME&E provides complete plumbing design services, including domestic water, waste and vent, gas, roof drainage, grease waste, acid neutralization, and medical gas.

Electronic Safety and Security

ME&E designs cost-effective fire alarm, access control, surveillance camera, and security systems for schools, sensitive government facilities, prisons, and more, using the latest technology.


ME&E designs communication systems for telephone, network communications, audio/visual, computer labs, and electronic safety and security systems.

Mechanical Engineering

ME&E provides complete HVAC design services for all project types. We understand that every building is unique, so we tailor systems to suit individual project requirements. We have successfully designed and integrated a variety of efficient HVAC systems, such as ground source heat pumps, as well as modified existing systems to improve efficiency, replace obsolete equipment, and/or handle a building expansion. ME&E also provides energy modeling services to help inform HVAC system decisions and provide feedback on architectural factors such as orientation, glazing, and shading. Life cycle cost analyses are also performed to assist architects and owners in making informed investment choices.

Fire Protection

ME&E provides fire protection drawings to communicate system design and function to local fire marshals for permitting. We design wet, dry, pre-action, and standpipe systems to meet each building’s specific needs. We integrate sprinkler design with our other disciplines, coordinating sprinklers, lighting, and HVAC so all systems operate as intended.

Sustainable Designs

ME&E is committed to sustainable building and can meet standards set by LEED and CHPS. However, it should be noted that certification is not necessary to reap the rewards of a well-planned, energy-efficient building. It is ME&E’s standard practice to design the most energy-efficient systems within our client’s budget.

Electrical Engineering

ME&E provides complete electrical design services, including power systems, lighting, fire alarm, security/access control, and communications. We have experience with emergency generators, solar array design, light industrial facilities, and more. ME&E is well versed in exterior lighting, including security, light trespass, and light pollution or “dark sky” requirements. We utilize LED fixtures as a standard design practice on every project, and our LEED projects are often awarded elevated performance points in the “Optimizing Energy Performance” category.

Energy Modeling

ME&E can provide our clients with energy-use calculations on new designs and remodel projects. Energy modeling helps in selecting the best HVAC system and the best lighting systems, based on life cycle cost analyses. Energy modeling can also aid architects in determining the best position for a building, glazing types, R-value adjustment, and more to create energy-efficient buildings.

Construction Administration Services

ME&E assists our clients in the construction phase. We insure that all design elements described above are constructed as per our design by orchestrating pre-bid meetings; assisting in the bidding process; creating addenda; and modifying drawings when necessary. During construction, ME&E reviews submittals, responds to requests for information, and completes inspections.